What is the whistleblower hotline service?
BDO's Forensic department offers the whistleblower hotline service, an independent, secure and confidential channel for employees, customers, service providers and society in general to report incidents of inappropriate conduct related to the company and its staff. The whistleblower hotline is an important and effective measure to prevent and detect fraud, perpetuating a transparent, regulated and ethically-guided organizational culture based on anti-corruption laws, such as Law 12.846/2013, FCPA and UKBA. In addition, it provides valuable information to Senior Management, Compliance Officers, Internal Auditors and others. Also, it is a significant tool for communicating situations that represent a reputational and legal risk to the company, such as discrimination, harassment, bullying, safety and hygiene failures, quality control, among others.
Toll-free number
An exclusive, free, 24-hour telephone line is available, and is operated by specialists during business hours on business days, and through a voice mailbox with full-time active voice mail to record reports outside of business hours.
Exclusive client portal for registration of complaints that can be accessed by any device and with previously stipulated custom address, such as: https://www.canaletico.com.br/company. It includes a detailed and intuitive form for recording information, with the possibility of attaching a file; on the same website the complainant can also follow the progress of complaints and complement them.
E-mail address created exclusively so that the complainant can send their report in a confidential and safe way, using a custom email address: company@canaletico.com.br.
P.O. Box
An exclusive P.O Box can be enabled to receive complaints through letters, at Rua Major Quedinho, 90 - CEP 01050-030, São Paulo - SP, Brazil.
How does it work?
1. Complaint
The complaint is registered in one of the available channels - toll-free number, e-mail, website or P.O. Box - which follows structured protocol to collect the information with the highest quality. The complainant then receives a protocol code for a follow-up. Anonymity is provided and assured to the complainant, with a guarantee of confidentiality and security of the information provided.
2. BDO's Whistleblower Hotline
BDO's specialized team performs technical evaluation and classifies the complaint according to the facts and documents presented, to verify its consistency and severity, and then sends a report - in which the privacy and confidentiality of the complaints is maintained - to the committee designated by the client, who determines the next steps.
3. Client
The responsible committee - designated by the client - will evaluate the complaint received as reported by the BDO and will determine the next steps according to the resources to be used (internal or external).
4. Investigation
If the client chooses to conduct an investigation, BDO is able to conduct it through our independent Forensics department, which has a team capable of investigating corporate fraud.